Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You'll never guess where we ate dinner tonight!

That's right!  The greasy burger joint that made the famous Jamocha shake famous.  The Rockford, IL original Beef-a roo!  And no, this is not a paid advertisement.  It's actually more like a confessional than anything.

Just because I did a big cardio session (first in a looooooonggggggg time) and I had to actually drive my kids to music lessons and get groceries before prayer meeting is not a real excuse to indulge in a double olive burger, dripping with spicy mustard,  fries and a jamocha shake, is it?

The waitress came around with those little mints and asked, "how's the food?"

I wiped my greasy face off and said the word, "burp.. does that answer your question?"

I think we've been having too much of those spinach smoothies and fresh juice for our own good.  I FORGOT  how good junk food could be.  YUM. 

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Mrs. Parunak said...

You gotta bust out sometimes. It all sounds fabulous.