Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crafting update..

We've been sort of quiet around here in the blog world, but we've been busy around here crafting/ finishing projects. Joanna (above) spent a week in Wisconsin helping her friends sew, and then finally finished her own skirt. She'll probably update her own blog soon enough.

Now, I can not remember exactly when I started this orange sweater thing, but I think it was two years ago. I started it, and it landed on my list of unfinished craft projects. (that list is almost a year old, and I have finished both of the knitting projects.. yeah!) I put it away the project when I ran out of yarn. Then a year later, I found more yarn. So, with a nice long trip to MN and a couple of music lessons, I was able to finish this! (It's for Emily, our four year old). The pattern is my own design, but the stitch is a lace, cable twist, with a celtic braid cable along the sleeve.

Also, this "fabric art" was put together by a guest in our home. Do you recognize a remake on a famous painting?
There is no sewing in this. Just back pieces of fabric with Heat and Bond, cut and iron on. Pretty fun and easy, once you get the hang of it. I tried to make one also, but mine did not turn out that great..
I did manage to make ONE sock. We'll call this "basement knitting". The grey yarn is from a garage sale, and the others are "scraps". Now the real question I keep asking myself is this: should I make the next sock look just like this one OR make it look sort of like it. My houseguest says, "Duh?!! Why would you consider wearing two different socks?" I'm not sure why, but I think I would enjoy wearing two different socks.

Now, my next project WILL involve this:

I saw it in the fabric store and HAD to have it. I think I will make something to WEAR. Can't wait!


Amy Lynne said...

Busy lady! I love the color and pattern of the sweater! Just beautiful!

mamajuliana said...

I wish I was as crafty as you! I have has a great piece of material (SIX yards, actually) just sitting around for about ayear now and haven't decided what to make yet!

Ruby said...

These are all great projects! You are very clever to knit. I did learn as a child but never took much to it. I love to see friends, mainly older ladies, using their chat time wisely with the neeedles flying.
Make sure you do pics of whatever you make the lovely blue fabric into.

And go for it! Be daring! An odd pair of socks will look great and a good talking point

Mrs. Parunak said...

Great projects! And Joanna looks so beautiful in that first picture.

Anonymous said...

The sweater is beautiful. Jo-Jo is stunning in her new skirt. Kathy's Monet is great. Whgat fun. if you run into a friend with only one leg, you are good to go. keep up the creative projects. You are an inspiration - Mom