Sunday, July 26, 2009

Need advice, if you are up for it...

I'm in a homemaking quandary, so to speak. So, I'm asking my readers for input.

Last year things got a little out of balance with too much teaching outside of the home (English classes) and 3 or 4 pilates classes also. I just felt like I wasn't home enough, and I was starting to pick up that "you guys owe me something" kind of attitude. It wasn't who I was or wanted to be.

I choose to be home with my kids, whether I'm teaching a full schedule or just doing a little reading lesson here and there. Homemaking is a choice, for me. It's certainly not because I can't get work. After I worked my two month stint as a professional organizer, I realized that my home and family was collapsing all around me. Thankfully, my big work outside the home adventure only lasted two months. It wasn't like I went looking for it. The job landed in my lap, completely unasked for. And we needed the money, and it was only a two month contract.

So, then I had the money we needed, and the peace of mind that being at home really WAS the best job, and the cost of living would have to slow us down, not entice us to "keep up"..

But now we have a genuine need again. Our kids' schooling is upon us, and last year I had the teaching job which covered it exactly. This year I only had a few students sign up for my classes, and the two co-op days were merged, so I decided to step down for a year and let the other classes fill up.

So, now I have a choice again. I have had a great summer break with a very light schedule: only teaching pilates on Wed. and Friday. I have had potentially 4 stay at home days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It's been fabulous. It got me thinking: maybe that's enough. Maybe that is ALL I should do and just trust the Lord to provide the income in some other way.

I also had this thought of a mother's writing helper. I have had some encouraging feedback from people when I've given them the details of it. But I am still uncertain if I will be able to manage all the balls of constantly editing other people's writing projects. What if I get too many jobs? Life will be hectic, and I'll be on the computer a lot more. My kids will forget what it is like to have a mother who is involved with them. And I'll be a greedy pig and want to get rich off of this.

Then again, I could limit the number of clients I take, organize my time better, and genuinely help people who really need help in this area. I do have a lot of experience in teaching writing and editing. I recently did some resume writing for a client, and he just got a call for an interview. So, I have a variety of clients that would probably help me with a flyer/ webpage for reviews.

So, could this be the Lord's leading for me? I could take on-line as well as local clients for what I have in mind. By the way, this is NOT a plea for money or free advertising. I hate that kind of stuff. For those of you who know the Lord, could you give me your input on what is of faith and what is this type of situation? Is it not trusting the Lord if you make your own money?

Just confused a little, but so what else is new?

Have any of you taken a serious at-home opportunity (job) and not have it take over your life at home? (I don't consider blogging a "job" since I do it for fun, and I don't really make money at it--yet)

Keeping life in balance is what MAKES my HOME SING.


momstheword said...

When I am in a situation like this, I ask the Lord to speak through my husband and then I ask him for his opinion.

Sometimes I have to really lay it all out first (if it's something like homeschooling curriculum or something), but it's always a comfort to just trust that the Lord will lead me through my husband.

I did work out of my home one time when my kids were little. It was awful and I ended up quitting after a couple of months.

It was hard to work and not have interruptions (as the kids were much younger), but even now it would be hard I think.

If you need the money, and there is a job opportunity for you, I say that you pick the job that you want to do the most and go for it.

If the Lord is showing you that you should wait and just trust Him than you do that.

Otherwise, you know you need the money so you go and get a job in order to bring the money in.

BTW, you forgot to link to the meme. I'll go ahead and do that for you!

momstheword said...

I can't link you up right now. For some reason my computer is not bringing up a URL.

I think it's my computer because all I show for a URL is my blogspot address that I typed in earlier. Yours doesn't show at all, isn't that wierd? I'm obviously here but for some reason your URL isn't showing up.

Anyway, you'll need to link it up yourself as I can't get your URL to do the link. Sorry! Hopefully tomorrow my computer will be back to normal.

Emily said...

I worked after the birth of my second boy. I was able to take my boys with me, and set my own hours, but it was in no way quality time.

I quit for several months because I want to be a mommy! Then, my husband's work schedule slowed down and I got pregnant again, so we needed the money for the midwife, so I worked one day a week while he was home with the kids.

Neither of us liked it, and we hope I don't have to do it again. Maybe it is a personal preference, but it really feels like God has created this desire in me for me to be with my children. I think he put this desire in women for a purpose and we feel bad, and not like ourseves when we are not home the same way our conscious tugs at us when we are not following him in other areas.

And I have learned not to worry about money at all. My husband and I are far below the US poverty line, yet we are wealthier than 85%of the world's population, so we are doing quite well!

Jena Webber said...

Thanks for your input ladies. I'm still praying about what to do, but I think I'm going to launch the mother's writing helper, with much prayer.

DarcyLee said...

I'm sure you'll make the right decision, knowing what you can handle balancing the home and kids with the job.

I have something for you over at my blog :)

Mrs. Parunak said...

It seems like launching something from your home might be a nice Proverbs 31 "making fine linen and selling it" sort of a think to do. You wouldn't have to be out of your house and away from your family.

But, of course, you should definitely NOT do it until you and your husband have peace about it, and you should definitely quit if you find that it's taking a toll on your family (or you).