Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blitz-It Friday # 24

Welcome to another week of blitzing! Yes, this indeed is where you are reminded that this is somewhat of an organizing blog. Somewhat.. that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

So, on my list of tasks for last weekend, I had ironing on the list. I was kind of disappointed that on Sunday night, I only had 6 things ironed. But then I remembered that on Friday I spent all day canning, and in food preparation. On Saturday, I went the the plant swap, the airshow and closed out the night at the Winnebago County Fair, helping to man a Gospel booth, while having approximately 37 minutes in the home for the entire day...

So, I did little mini blitzes throughout the week to get the ironing in. I worked for 20 minutes at a stint. I set up a quiet spot in my bedroom, put in the ipod, and let the iron zoom...

Yeah!! Finished shirts!

And you remember all of these tomatoes?

Well, I learned something. If you process them all down and cook them for 24 hours in the crockpot, they reduce down to about half their size.

Then I added: salt, sugar, one can of tomato paste and 2 cups of parmesan cheese to get: spaghetti sauce!! I actually came up with four jars, which is less than I thought I would get. But it is a nice, thick sauce and it tastes good. As far as canning goes, I am not an expert. Even though I followed "proper canning procedures", all the jars are sitting in the refrigerator because I'm not confident about canning parmesan cheese!!

Some of the other Webbers were busy tackling projects also. Will made this beautiful gavel for the new "Gavel Club" that we are starting at Hallstrom this year. It is a public speaking club for students or anyone who does not fit into a regular Toastmasters Club. I was cordially asked (by my husband) to be the assistant coordinator. It's going to be fun!
Joanna's sewing machine was hard at work, making her sister a skirt..
And one for herself..
(Do you love the scenery in the background? Oh yes, Blitz-it Friday always involved the dungeon in some way!)

And we can not forget the favorite Webber activity for fun and frivolity: the Rockford Airfest..

Some parachutes..
The F-22 Raptor...
The Aero-Stars...

Yes, it was a good show! You can tell Rockford is a small town (compared to Chicago) because our people are just not used to traffic. We had to actually endure an hour (or more?) of waiting to get in and parked. We live about 9 minutes from the airport, so I'm sure the others were really waiting. A funny thing happened on the way. Someone said, "Hey! that looks like the Mac Adam family" and sure enough.. all the boy and daddy Mac Adams were jogging along the traffic to get to the airshow faster.. Were the wife and kids still in Belvidere, Tom? That was quite the walk! And then of course, we never saw them after that.
but it was fun! except for Emily who hates loud noises and scary things like airplanes. She didn't really cry just tucked her head in her armpit for the entire time. I'm not sure what was worse for her: hearing the "sound of freedom" or enduring the porta-potty... Oh, the trials of a princess...

So, for this week:

Weekend Inspiration: Be still and know that I am God.. Ps: 46:10

Last week was very busy, so we are hoping to be home and be calm this weekend. Also, the kids started school this week, so we are needing to make sure they have enough time to do homework.

Weekend Tasks:
1. Finish this quilt top--the piecing at least. I'm not sure how big I want it, but whatever size it is at the end of the weekend is it.
2. Processing more tomatoes. (No, this is not a new picture)..
With all of the rain we've been getting, everything is ripening pretty fast. I have to go out there and harvest tomatoes often. It's kind of funny. I think I'm a "one crop a year" kind of gardener. This year the main crop is definitely tomatoes. Last year, it was pumpkins.
With all of the rain we've gotten, my pumpkin patch would be sogged out. I was bemoaning my lack of pumpkins until I realized how God had actually spared me the agony of seeing my pumpkins die off in the rain. The few squash that I've gotten have gotten too much water and died before they got big enough to plant. I think I'll end up with about 3 or 4 acorn squash for the entire summer.

3. Make a dress from this fabric. (if I have time)

Weekend Food:

Friday: burgers on the grill, homemade fries, green salad
Saturday: Thai fried rice (without the seafood, just chicken)
Sunday: Ritz chicken casserole, pasta (yes, this is fat-pill) and veggies
Tuesday: chicken lasagna/ fumi salad
Wednesday: Southwest chicken and rice
Thurs: Butter chicken, indian rice and lentils OR tomato pie (gooey pizza)

Weekend Treats:

Since I did so many fun things last week, my treat will be something new and different: taking a nap...

And if you want a little packet of lists to get you organized: Martha's Organizing Lists are really well done. (Maybe over-the-top on some things, but you can imagine. This is Martha already)

Free Organizing lists by Martha Stewart.As for me, I plan to print them all out, laminate them and attach a dry-erase marker with a clipboard for each of my female relatives for holiday gifts. Useful, cute, and oh so practical. Go ahead, make your self some--for free!

Well, I hope your blitzing for the week is going well. I'd love to hear what you've been up to!

New to blitzing? Here are some links to get you started:

Basically, blitzing is forcing ourselves to focus for a set period of time on hands-on tasks.
Read about the: one hour blitz and staying focused.
Also, blitzing with kids is a blast if you are an airchair general.

Glad you could join us! Now you have MANY choices about using the blitz. You are welcome to do/ try any or all of them.... and so many photos to choose from!


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

love the photos of the airshow, my Jacob would love that kind of thing! The quilt colours are gorgeous! I sewed my first row the other night and I am so pleased with it! I wish I could be half as organised as you!
Collette xxxx

Brandi said...

That tomato sauce looks delish! I won't be trying any blitzing things this week, but may look into it on monday when I don't have so many kids running around! LOL

Thanks for the awesome advice about sewing! Hopefully, it will work better now!

Eos Mom said...

I blitzed but I haven't written about it yet. Hopefully, I'll get a post up this weekend.

PlanningQueen said...

I want to give that pasta sauce a try. Tomatoes will be in season soon here and I would love to make my own sauce. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Oh, I've always thought it would be fun to can my own spaghetti sauce. It won't be this year, though, because I'm averaging one tomato per plant. I guess tomatoes are not my crop for this year.

The skirts Joanna made are SO cute. Great work!