Sunday, August 2, 2009

Singing to my friends

You know, sometimes the inner sistah has to come out of me? I'm all Scandinavian looking on the outside, so why does this tribal side show itself so often when I'm feeling waaaaaay too comfortable for my own good ??

Like this past week. Mom, the kids and I went to the EAA Airfest in Oshkosh, WI. One of my bestest buddies, Kathy only lives a short hour away from Oshkosh, so we bunked at her place for the night.

So, her husband is such a dear and never gets overwhelmed with the amount of estrogen in the room when we all descend on his peaceful home. So, just to let her know that we acknowledge the great sacrifice he's making to let us have uninterrupted girl giggle time, I said, "Jon is such a dear, isn't he?"

Well she never misses an opportunity to gush over her faithful knight in shining armor. She says, "He's the best thing in my life.."

So without skipping a synapse, I burst into song (think Stevie Wonder "you are the sunshine of my life")

You are the best thing in my life....

And I'm the best thing in yours too.. yeah e yeah e yeah yeah..

... Once I took my bow, my friend lowers her head slightly, lifts one eyebrow and gives me the look that says, "where did I EVER pick up friends like you??"

And of course my mother is sitting there, embarrassed.

"I think she had too much caffeine today, Kath."

And I interject, "Wait. No. there's more. I have more songs! "

Say something. Say anything. I'm on a roll. Where's my mic?

And no I don't drink.

So, what makes you sing? Or your home for that matter?
Check out Moms the Word for more singing homes.


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Love it! You made me smile today!
Collette xxx

More Than Words said...

That was cute!

Mrs.B said...

Oh how wonderful, We tend to break out in song here very often. I married a man who loves to sing and we are raising our own singing group. As to what causes us to break out in song, random phrases mostly, if you say something and we can find it in a song most of the time it comes out.
While on long trips we play the alphabet game but with song. Start with a song that starts with the letter A and then work your way through the alphabet. It is a fun game

Thanks for sharing with us

May you have a blessed day

~In HIS Keeping,

DarcyLee said...

I love the city of Oshkosh. My brother-in-law used to live there and we have spent some time in that city. It sounds like you had lots of fun. My youngest daughter loves to sing and "belts" it out frequently around the house. Great post!

Erin said...

LOL! You are not the only one...truly...our house is full of people who will do things like that at the drop of a hat!

momstheword said...

My friends tease me about things like that too, lol! When the kids were little we used to put on a Disney dvd and silly dance to it. They loved it and my hubby and I laughed and enjoyed being silly with them.

We have been known to break into an occasional commercial song around here! Thank you for joining us today.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi thanks for your comments on my post! We are too hard on ourselves aren't we? We actually only have a busy schedule on Sunday and spend lots of quality family time every other day as my hubby works at night. We have his lovely company during the day! So life isn't too bad at all!
Collette xxx

Mrs. Parunak said...

Charming, as usual!