Thursday, October 8, 2009

Plodding: another form of blitzing

Plodding... it's a great concept.

When I was expecting the Emily princess, I became accustomed to "plodding" since running wasn't an option. I have many friends with health issues that prevents them from moving fast in any circumstance. So, if you can't move fast or really don't want to, I hereby announce: plodding.

The plodding concept was introduced to me by Mrs. Beck. Mrs. Beck is an inspiration to me in so many ways. She has conquered physical and emotional trials through the strength in Jesus Christ. She has MS, which has slowed her down but not flattened her. She still walks at age 66? when most people at her age and stage would be in a wheelchair.

So, what is plodding? Plodding is a slow, constant, focused movement toward getting a job done. I guess you might think of it as a blitz in slow-motion.

Lately, I've been in a funk. I think I am recovering from all of my travels. Either way, my body and mind are slowed down. Even though I don't like it as well as being my normal self, I don't mind it entirely. I sleep more. I eat less. I talk slower and think slower. I'm hoping it will pass soon. So, while being with me in the blog world or real life, may be kind of boring, I appreciate this little break. Unfortunately, I am too lazy to hunt down the dead mouse in the basement that is making my home a stink-bomb.

So, what kind of activity level can a plodding-blitz kind of Mom expect? How about putting away the laundry? or coming up with something simple for dinner? reading a book or taking a nap? yeah. that's the speed we're at. Oh, and lighting a candle to cover the stinky mouse smell. really.

My kids have been great though. Joanna made bread and applesauce. The kids helped with clean up.

If you are new to blitzing, here are some other links on the topic:

Basically, blitzing is forcing ourselves to focus for a set period of time on hands-on tasks.
Read about the: one hour blitz and staying focused.

Also, blitzing with kids is a blast if you are an airchair general.

Glad you could join us! Now you have MANY choices about using the blitz. You are welcome to do/ try any or all of them.... and so many photos to choose from!

And WHATEVER you do, do not link up your blitzing below. I might get the wrong idea that you like this meme or something... Don't encourage me by participating.. whatEVER. I'm sitting here enjoying a stinky mouse, wondering if anyone out there is blitzing for real..?


sara said...

my first blitz!

Mrs. Parunak said...

"Plodding." I like it. I often only have one arm to use for work since the other arm is holding a baby (who is often also nursing), but with consistent slow progress, stuff does get done, even in this state. Like tonight when I worked on a salad with only one arm while nursing the baby under a cover-up. (We had a couple of young, single guys from church over for dinner.) I even managed to slowly and methodically slice two tomatoes and a heap of carrots while nursing. It's a bit crazy, but with a plodding mentality you can accomplish a lot more than if you only work when you can focus on that one thing.

Becky said...

I'm finished with the apples, I'm exhausted, and I love the plodding idea. Do you think it could last until next year's apples are in? Maybe strawberry season then? Well, maybe not, but I will be plodding tomorrow!

Jena Webber said...

Hey everybody! I had someone participate. Can this be real? I am so blessed.

Mrs. P: whenever I tried to do crazy stunts like you are describing, I'd end up with a breast infection. Hope those guys realize what a sacrifice you are making for them.

Becky, you should link your project to the blitz. That would be fun.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

I frequently have days when I plod! I am lazy a lot of the time and really have to have a good talk with myself to get on and do stuff!
Love Collette xxxx

Unknown said...

I like how you always find the silver lining! Plod away!

p.s. thanks for visiting yesterday and leaving comment luv!

Becky said...

I'd love to link to the blitz, but I'll have to ask Ri to show me how to link. Don't laugh too hard, I've finally mastered the whole cut and paste thing in my e-mail, and it only took - well, I'm not going to admit to how long it took for me to grasp that. And yes, it's because I can't remember the first time someone tried to explain it to me. I'm not really all that slow with anything else. But a part of my brain rebells at anything that has to do with modern technology, unless it's found in the kitchen or laundry room. (If you listen closely, you can hear echos of my hubby here - who can't run the washer - saying, "You can programm the washer, the dryer, and the stove, and you can't put numbers in your cell phone???" Well, I can now. Thanks hon.)

Anonymous said...

Hire a cat to find that mouse. I know that smell. A candle won't cut it. Maybe you can get a high-pitched whistle and hace a cat blitz. Blitzkatz!
Love, Mom

Herding Grasshoppers said...


I haven't posted, but I plod/blitzed :0)

My boys were having a PTO day (that's "Personal Time Off") at their grandparents' today, so I had most of the day to myself.

The laundry is caught up, (well, it was until they got home!), the house is tidy, and I got two coats of paint on a desk I got off craigslist.


Maybe next Friday the boys can blitz with me :0)