Saturday, October 3, 2009

Undeserving of this kindness, Lord.

The mighty white birch looks up to heaven.. up to its Creator. Amazingly beautiful, majestic.. probably my favorite tree. It never used to be, though. Everyday of my life I just took them for granted, until I realized that every part of the world does not grow beautiful
trees like this. In fact, many parts of the world seem to be completely void of trees altogether.
It's like God said, "let's make something beautiful and hide it".. and we would have said,
"Why? Then no one, except a few, will ever see them? Shouldn't we place them in the middle, where everyone can appreciate them?"
But God said, "I tried that. They just chopped them down. They needed the wood. They needed them now, I'm hiding them so that I can appreciate them.. and the few who will stop
and notice my handiwork. Have you noticed my handiwork?"
"Yes, God, it seems as though you are an artist.."
"Ah yes, my child... an artist of the most unusual kind. My palette is the sky, the ground, the air and the water.."
"But where do you get such beautiful colors, Lord? What are your paints?"
"I breathe on them, sweetie. My goodness fills them, and they become the most beautiful that they will ever be when I show through them..All the colors, scents and hues are mine. I have many more that you will see in heaven some day. But for now, this is the palette."

"That's amazing, Lord.. Is everything you've made this beautiful?"
"Yes.. until man changes it, and until sin changes it. When we keep man and sin out of it, my creation has no trouble praising me. Look at his arms out-stretched...He's worshipping.."
"And things just keep growing.. and growing.. year after year?"
"I give them the sun, the air, the rain. They are still dependent on me, just like you are, love.

.......just like you are.. love.."

...And this is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and gave his son a ransom for our sins..

And to clarify, if it isn't obvious.. I do not believe in putting words into God's mouth or lessening the Word of God. I was just having an imaginary conversation with God. I just had a slight worry that some might consider it irreverent. Anyhoo, no one has complained yet!

So, I love to link up something for Mom's the Word, Make your Home sing Monday meme. I love you gals who participate in that meme also! We're all in each other's fan clubs, are we not?? So, being appreciative of God's creation makes me SING.. hope it does for you too!


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Beautiful post and photos! We don't deserve his Love but he gives it to us freely.
Love Collette xxx

Kathryn said...

Wow. Truly beautiful pics - & i know pics rarely display the original beauty. And thank you for your words & conversation as well.


Thank you so much for sharing.

DarcyLee said...

Beautiful post.

Becky said...

Thanks for the reminder to stop and enjoy all that God has for us. It's so easy to get too busy to remember these things. Oh, I answered your comment on my blog. said...

Very Beautiful.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Gorgeous pictures! And I liked your imaginary conversation with God. It was very sweet and encouraging.

momstheword said...

Beautiful pictures! I don't think it's irreverent to write about the impressions that you have in your heart about God. You're just sharing your thoughts!

Oh, and we love you too, my friend. Thanks for joining in today.

Kara said...

Beautiful post and photos! I thought your "conversation" was quite fitting!

I didn't get a post up this week after being out of town all weekend, but I think this meme is wonderfully encouraging to participate in.

Erin said...

Beautiful post...