Saturday, November 14, 2009

Things that make me think: Link-licious

LINKs that make me THINK

1. Codex Alimentarius: Can someone tell me if this is REAL or a scam? If it's real, I'm going to turn into a paranoid wreck of a healthnut very soon.

2. Can you believe that I was going to make a pattern, and here it is for free? Woolen beret by Martha Stewart. So, maybe wasting my time on this sort of this sort of thing is really a waste of time?

3. Can it be this easy to make soap? I need to do this. FIMBY soap making. Yes, it will involve some work and investment, but I think the long term benefits will be good.

4. Can you really live without money? Suelo does. Read about him on Emily's blog (below)

5. who has mastered the art of simple living and making yogurt-type of stuff. I tried it once, but I never tried straining the mixture with a cheesecloth!

6. Inspired for crafting! Love this simple leaf quilt thing.

That's all the inspiration and thinking I can handle right now!


sara said...

I like your links, but I have to say that I don't understand what that woman is saying. I kept waiting for her to come to a point but if she ever did, I missed it. I looked on Snopes for Codex Alimentarius and it said whatever evil thing it was is false, so maybe that'll help you.

Too bad about someone else offering the pattern huh? I guess Martha can afford to be so generous. ;-)

I used to make soap and it is a lot of fun. The lye is a little scary and I'm hesitant to do it now that I have young kids in the house. I made milk soap and it was very nice, though not much lather. If I were to do it again, I'd look into using either an old stand mixer or one of those wand type blender things to bring the soap to "trace." doing it by hand is tiring. Also, some day I'd like to try making liquid soap, which uses a different kind of lye.

I'm making yogurt tomorrow. It makes me feel accomplished and I need a little of that in my life.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


I've never heard of Rima Laibow (and the frequent eye rolls were distracting). Googling her up actually brought a link to her husband, which was a bit... odd.

I don't think I'm going to lose sleep about it.

Yikes - you're making soap with lye? That stuff is nasty. I've used lye soap and it practically ate my hands. Good luck!


sara said...

Julie, Many people don't realize that all soap is made with lye. You really can't make soap without it. If you found a particular soap harsh, then it probably wasn't cured properly. The saponification process is supposed to neutralize the lye. The milk soap I made was very mild and moisturizing.

Warmly, Sara

sara said...

Rhonda at Down to Earth has a nice tutorial for soap.

Emily @ Under$1000PerMonth said...

Yeah, the codex alimentarius stuff freaks us out, too. It doesn't seem like a scam, unfortunately. Snopes doesn't say it is false, but that certain things believed about it are false. The regulations are certainly real, but the US legislature hasn't decided to enforce them yet.

I don't think you're wasting time on making a beret pattern, because it makes you better (at crafting, life, as a mom) to figure stuff out yourself. I'm excited to start soap-making once we run out of our stash, so thanks for the link. And thanks for including me in your list of links!

Kathryn said...

I don't think my brain is working well enough right now to comment well.

I've known about Codex A. & Rima Laibow for about a year now. My understanding is that Codex has good intentions (to standardize things) but the way that could play out is scary.

Many different things have the potential to be scary. The Patriot Act has been badly misused. Codex has the ability to restrict our freedoms. Many countries in Europe cannot buy OTC supplements & vitamins. They are "regulated" & require a doctor's script for them. I find that scary on two levels. 1. Many docs don't understand supplements/vitamins & deny their ability to help. 2. Many of the vitamins that are Rx are of low quality &/or synethetic.

The problem with folks like Laibow - & i've read a number of them - is their presentation makes them sound crazy. Even if what they present is accurate, it is hard to take them serious because it sounds so ridiculous. I am afraid, however, that in 10-20 years from now we'll say, "We were warned."

Sarah said...

I heard everything that woman said, and despite her superb rhetoric I wasn't always sure what she was getting at. I especially didn't like the way she linked the Codex Alimentarius up with the Nazis and the German industrialist making you more or less feel the evilness of it.

However I am also very wary with these big companies like Monsanto and their control of the market as far as gene manipulated grains are concerned and I don't like the big lobby that the pharmaceutical industries have. So I think it is good to keep informed about these things.