Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You're a weak skinny one..

I have the most refined gift of gab, I tell you.

Hardly a day goes by when I don't wonder if I don't have turrets or ADHD or both.

And if I sense someone is laughing, it just gets worse and worse.

So, today I'm teaching pilates over at H.S., where hubby works, and I have a gaggle of new people in class. I decided to teach on a "donation only" agreement, and it has been working out quite well.

The reason there is a gaggle is because it's "free" and it's "January" and everybody wants to exercise for free in January. In June, I can hardly pay them to attend class, but that's another worry for another day.

So, I'm trying to get to know my students and teach class. And for some odd reason, I expect skinny people to be strong also. I need to get over that stereotype. Skinny doesn't mean strong any more than it means healthy. Skinny is just skinny. Obviously people agree that overweight is unhealthy, but we fail to recognize that skinny can mean just as unhealthy.

So, I'm making my rounds helping people on their exercises while I was teaching, and I was so surprised to see this super skinny gal really struggling with a basic move. So, blurt out,
"You're a wimpy, skinny gal, aren't you?" And the chubby girls in the class just giggled with glee.. DUH!! How can I be so lame as to say that OUTLOUD??!!

Poor thing. I doubt she'll be back. And I feel awful about it.

Hey, little gal, if you are reading this.. I'm so sorry that I called you a wimpy, skinny girl. If you come back, I'll make you strong, and I'll try not to be so disparaging in the future...

O.K. I blew it. Probably all the skinny girls will quit now.

And if there are any chubby gals who would like to take classes from me, I am partial to you guys. Just so you know. There, now I've offended the chubby ones by calling them chubby. Can't win, can I?

How about this, if there are any "normal sized mid-western sized" gals out there who have a large self esteem, come to my class where I will try not to cut you down..

I'm going to hide under my pillow now....


TaderDoodles said...

I think this is hysterical!! My hubby's parents think skinny is the end all be all place to be. Neither of them are skinny, they just long to be. We keep trying to explain that I'm really healthy, I can even do a few COOL yoga moves HAHA, I'm just thick...

I am not offended by the chubby remark, and I'd take your class... I'd even donate moola after an honest remark like that.

The dB family said...

Lol! Your post had me in stitches. I can't help it. I'd be right there with Lisa!


Becky said...

Rest assured, you're not the only one who puts their foot in their mouth on a regular basis. My children would often like to climb under a rock when out in public with me. I'll never forget a couple of years ago when we were at a Babies-R-Us, shopping for a gift (because that's where they were "registered"), and as I was going through the store, looking through a list that was - no kidding - SEVEN PAGES LONG!!!, I kept looking at the stuff she had picked out going, "That's just stupid-you don't need that for a baby!", and "Those things don't work at all, just a gimick to get your money." Etc,etc, get the picture. At one point, the girls (following in my wake) stage wispered, "Mom! You're getting really ugly looks from other customers and the sales people." On the up side, they told me that one woman started following us through the store, putting some things back, and picking up things I was picking out. BTW-I didn't buy anything on her list. I bought her things I knew she would need and be able to use for her baby.

sara said...

I can diagnose you right now over the Internet - you have foot-in-mouth disease and I have it too. The difference is that I am usually too mortified to tell the tales of my idiotic utterances.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

HA HA HA! I'd take your class and you can insult me all you want.

I'm not skinny. Nor weak.

It's amazing what happens when honesty pops out.

And sara - I'm so with you about all the baby stuff!


Jena Webber said...

Lisa, A lot of people have been donating $$ for the class--which makes me thrilled. I didn't think about doing it for money, but it does help. I wanted to be a testimony--now I'm trying to decide if I should be a stand up comic instead. I end up being either a therapist or a comic. I hope people like honesty, since that's what I'm about--unfortunately!

And I'm not skinny either. I could pass for a German bar maid with four steins in each hand.

Alea Milham said...

LOL! A couple of my girlfriends tried to help me lose weight by taking me with them to meet their trainer. After the first session, my friends went to the trainer and complained because she had set all of the weights on higher setting than for them and had had me work faster and longer on the machines. She told them, "I had her work harder and longer because she has muscle under her fat, you guys are a bunch of skinny wimps". :D We all kept going back to her.

Krista said...

Remember me? It's been a long time since I posted...your blog today made me laugh! And then I remembered that you live in/near Rockford/Belvidere, right? I happen to be heading that way tomorrow...if you're teaching a "free" (ha ha) class sometime between Thurs and Monday morning, let me know--would love to finally meet up with you!

Momm Melback said...

From a fellow foot in mouth girl.
One of my best friends who knows me too well says "your foot must be soo small and your mouth soo big coz your foot just goes right in"
It is the most honest and appreciated critism I have ever received.
Enough about me..... I ...there I go again.
YOUR CLASS sounds like so much fun. I don't do plates but do yoga sometimes and it is all "you are all strong...beautiful pose class..." really? NO!
I am learning and enjoying your blog.(There again ME)

Braley Mama said...

LOL, Oh I wish I lived in the mid-west:) I would so take your class! Those poor skinny girls:) They just don't now how to take a compliment:)

Jena Webber said...

Momma Melbeck: That's right.. all that "you're strong.. you look great" talk is something I forgot I guess. "Hey, you wimps.. skinny, weak, wimps.." So, now I have to eat my words once in a while.. not for lack of truth--just too much of it!

Krista: I left a note on your last post with my phone number on it. If you could copy it down and delete it, that would be great!
I teach tomorrow at the IDPennock Branch YMCA at 5:15. If you are coming, I need to know by the afternoon. Either way, I WANT to meet you. It will be my first blogging friend "eyeball"..

Herding Grasshoppers said...

(I think of these things to late...) You should've given her the one-eyebrow-up look and a Yoda-like, "Make you strong, I will."

Kathryn said...

Nah, i'm just the weak obese one. :(

Wish you were nearby!

I hate embarrassing myself & others around me. Seems to be part of the human condition. I know your class will turn out great, tho. "You organizing types" (LOL) are also persistent! :)

Have a good week.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I usually can't get my foot into my mouth because I'm too busy stumbling over my own tongue. I think I need a few lessons from you in loosening up.

And I'd love to take one of your classes one of these days, too. I'm not skinny. But I'm not sure how strong I am in my core either. I always had trouble with that whole Pilates hold your tummy in while using it thing.

Jenny said...

So funny! Maybe I laugh because I relate. I usually always get my RDA of foot.