Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hedgehog hair revisited..

Some of you think I'm joking when I say "hedgehog hair".

And some of you are just plain jealous. Admit it. You want to be a hedgehog too.

So, here is my no-fail formula.

First of all, pray for naturally curly hair with a proper amount of frizz.

Get a layered haircut that will assure that your top hairs will be just as tall as the long hairs are wide.

Wash your hair at night. Make sure to go to bed with your hair wet to ensure the highest "puff and patoinggg factor"

Sleep peacefully, but roll around quite a bit to stir the action.

Wake up.

Don't touch a thing!!

See the resemblance? The utter resemblance? (These are actually borrowed from Betz White's site. She sells patterns to make them and all..)

If you have an isight camera, take a picture. The coolness of it will soon wear off, and you'll be looking like every other normal creature out there. So booooooorrrrrrring!

And the people at my church are just not into this look, so I got out the flat iron. Yes, this picture was taken about an hour after the first one. And the cute blue top? $1.00, baby.
No, I'm not pregnant. whatever. When I said, "baby" I was just trying to be cool. But I guess it's not cool if you look pregnant (and you're not) and then you say, "baby"..

Anyway, what are you doing on this final day of February/ first day of March to make your home sing? (Other than holding a yellow pear, wearing a blue sweater and saying "baby" like you're cool or something?) Join us at Moms the Word.


Jessica said...

That hedgehog hair is quite impressive!!

You look great in that color of blue! Beautiful!

sara said...

laughed out loud through the whole thing. and OK, you really do have naturally hedgehog hair - and we love you for sharing it with us. You look very pretty in the second picture.

Unknown said...

Very funny!! I, unfortunately, cannot pull off the hedgehog look, but a horse, maybe! I teach 8th grade--insane, I know--but last year they actually referred my long straight hair as "horse hair." That did it. Major cut (10 inches) donated to Locks of Love.

I agree with Sarah and Scottish Twins, you do look beautiful. :)

Jena Webber said...

Thank you guys. I hope it doesn't seem like I'm fishing for compliments when I put up weird pics of myself. My big ego and all..

Braley Mama said...

You look beautiful both ways:O) And you most certainly do NOT look prego!

momstheword said...

Wow, that's quite a transformation, from curly to straight! I love that you can choose which way you want to wear your hair.

I think you look very pretty and your top is really cute and "hip!" Thanks for linking up today!

Sarah said...

What a laugh! Love your blue top, you look gorgeous and you are cool...:-)


Kristi said...

You are way to funny this morning. I'm still trying to wake up and humor yet. This will certainly help get me started though!

I've scared myself sometimes in the morning when I go to sleep with my hair wet. I can even go to sleep with it dry, and straightened, but if I sweat at all through the night, I wake up looking like a longer haired version of yourself! I'm surprised I haven't scared the babies oftentimes. I'm gratefull that my husband gets himself up in the mornings now, because for almost 11 years, he woke up to me looking like that! Now I look much more presentable by the time he gets home.

Melissa said...

Love the hair and I love even more that you shared it with us!

Tami @ This Mom's Delight said...

Well, you're a pretty hedgehog! :)

~Lesa~ said...

Your post was hilarious! Thanks for sharing your morning self. My sweet little baby girl saw me the other morning before I had my make-up on. She said one word. "YIKES!" 'Nuff said.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Jena, that's hysterical! I love your hedgehog hair!

But who is that woman at the bottom? ;D


Jena Webber said...

Julie, I have no idea who that is! She snuck in there all straight-hair like... the nerve!

Mrs. Parunak said...

HaHA! I love it. The hedgehog comparison picture was a scream.