Thursday, February 25, 2010

What to get rid of?

Jackie of JL Yarnworks who knits fabulously gorgeous things just watched the other video: indecisive box. Jackie writes (my paraphrase) "I want the in between stages. Like how do you decide what to get rid of or what to keep?" In other words, what goes into the decision making process?

My daughter was looking over my shoulder when I was reading her comment, and she said,
"Mom, that's easy. You are not sentimental about stuff"

That sounds so cold. It's true though.

Stuff is stuff. Even expensive stuff is just stuff.

If you look at Jackie's blog, you'll see some beautiful stuff. Maybe everything in her home is that beautiful, you know? I'd probably have a hard time getting rid of beautiful stuff also.

I think if I did not have the Lord Jesus and know that all of heaven was going to be filled with beautiful stuff, I'd clutch on to every last little thing this world had to offer.

It takes guts. It takes courage. It takes a hard headed woman to get rid of her college text books because they remind her she was once smart (and respected for it).

It takes fortitude to get rid of those size 6 pants and the tutu that she wore when she was 16 because it reminds her that she was once tiny and youthful and tutu-wearing.

It takes faith to embrace the present day and let the past go.

What you save says more about you than what you don't save. Get rid of the things that are no longer "you" today. right now.

Take pictures and write a poem about the items that are special. See if that will do instead of keeping the item.

Hope this helps.


Kristi said...

How true. It can be so very hard to get rid of things..especially when you are a sentimental about things. I had year books that I didn't want to get rid of, because they were all I had left of my school days. But I was not the person then that I am now, and I would never forgive myself if my children got a hold of them and read some of things that people wrote in there. It was time for them to go!

I also find that I hold onto things, thinking, "I may need those some day." "I'm waisting money if I throw those away." But I found that if you keep everything that you may need some day, it really becomes a hinderance to the happiness, comfort, organization, and attmosphere of your home. I have to ask myself if I'm sacrificing too much, just to keep certain items. I also think there is a line between being frugal, and not trusting God to meet your future needs! I'm thankful that when I ask, He gives me wisdom on where to find that line!

Braley Mama said...

I am the same way. When I blitz:) I usually toss a few things out as I go along:) Great post!

Anonymous said...

I would take pictures of the kids art work etc. and keep what is really close to my heart. I have stuff that makes my home comfortable and my home is still simple.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Great advice! I love the part about the tutu. I just got rid of one of those a year or so ago. Taking pictures really does help as does imagining your children having to clean your house out in a few years

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Yes, yes, YES!

We take a lot of pictures of things. When the kids were little, and they would go to "Ooey Gooey Daycamp" or some such thing, they would come home with tons of "treasures". Sometimes we videotaped them demonstrating and talking about each thing.

But I'm with you... it's all just STUFF. And this is what I tell my family:

Let it go. It can't love you back.

Lawgirl said...

I am that way, too. I am not sentimental about things at all. Sometimes I think there must be something wrong with me because of it, but it's just not who I am.

Jena Webber said...

Julie (Herding Grasshoppers) I like the idea of the video camera and the story with the project! What a neat idea! And those DVD's stack up so small and neatly!

Kristilea, I agree. We need to trust the Lord a little bit more about saving things. Unless you live in a mansion with infinite storage space and a huge retreival system.. naw! just get rid of it.

Sarah said...

I'm just amazed at your daughter. For such a young person she can sum up a situation perfectly. This is a gift and I hope she can use it job-wise. I think she would make a good counsellor.

I am also sentimental. I gave all my baby clothes away when we were in Africa and now I wish I had at least kept one thing from each child for my future grandchildren.
Sarah J

Erin said...

Great post...I've been on a journey of getting rid of stuff for three years...sadly, our home isn't empty yet. That just says how much we, I keep hidden corners will embarrassing cupboards overflowing with dusty stuff.

Unknown said...

Excellent guidance! I really like the actual component concerning the tutu. I simply eliminated some of those the couple of years back. Capturing does indeed assist because will visualizing your kids needing to thoroughly clean your home away within a couple of years.

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