Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Making Greek Yogurt

Will takes my homemade yogurt to work and shares it with his friends. Some of them have been pestering him for the recipe. My idea originally comes from a spin off of the crock pot yogurt recipe, Emily @under $1,000 a month and a little ingenuity.

So, how to start.. how to start.

You need a big crock pot. How big? About this big. Something that holds 1 gallon of milk comfortably. This is the insert of mine.
Now, you need 1 gallon of WHOLE organic milk. Note: the picture below is 2 quarts, so you would need two of them. With the crock pot on LOW, cook the milk for 3 hours. I just set the timer for 3 hours. Then, you turn the milk off for 3 hours.

So, let's review: on for 3 hours, off for 3 hours. Are we getting this? This is hard stuff.

Now that the crock pot has been turned off for 3 hours, it should be cool enough to add your yogurt. Pick ORGANIC, PLAIN, WHOLE FAT GREEK Yogurt. Don't be surprised that it is expensive!! $1.49 for this teeny tiny little thing here. Anyway, you should only need one of these. From that point on, you just use a little of your yogurt to make the next batch.
Put the entire container of yogurt (about 1 cup or so) into the milk. Stir it around and cover the crock pot in a towel for about 8 hours. It should thicken up nicely. If it doesn't, turn on the crockpot for a few minutes to heat it up and let it sit there some more. Make sure to turn off the heat within 10 minutes or so, so you don't kill the culture.

At this point, grab a little of the mixture and set it aside in the fridge to make your next batch.

Now, to get that really THICK consistency that most people like, you can strain the yogurt like this.

I took an old T-shirt and cut it. Attach the T-shirt to a container with some rubber bands and pour the yogurt in. The stuff that remains in the T-shirt is the thickened yogurt. The stuff that comes through is called "whey".

Whey is, to some people, an all-purpose elixir. I haven't not found it to be useful yet. It's kind of gloopy and weird. Then again, I'm just a baby in these things. I just pour it down the drain.. sorry, guys!!

Getting the yogurt out of the T-shirt is kind of fun. You pour off the excess and squeeze it into a bowl, flipping the T-shirt upside down. If you like that kind of thing, it's cool getting the stuff out.

And I feel like such a prairie woman. (in my air conditioned home)

You can add vanilla and sugar to sweeten it up. Yuuuuummmmy!

Why use the Greek yogurt? The idea of using the Greek yogurt is the only part of this recipe that I can claim as my own idea, although I have noticed others are doing the same thing. I have looked at the back of the yogurt container, and it appears (to me, at least) that there are 5 active cultures in the Greek yogurt. The overall consistency is very good, even before straining, and the end product is fabulous!!!


Braley Mama said...

Thanks mama!!!!! I will for sure make that! I love my cooker!

Mrs. Parunak said...

I think I'm going to have to try this! We love yogurt, and that looks SO easy. And, it looks like we have the exact same crock pot. :)

The dB family said...

I'm playing catch up (again). Where do the weeks go these days?! This sounds delish!! And easy too! Can't wait to try it!


Kathryn said...

I've done this once before. My question is whether i should bother with my usual milk. (Well, i'm not expecting an answer, i'm just pondering.) Usually i buy (expensive) raw milk. But this cooking negates the whole point of "raw." I go thru phases where i eat a lot of yogurt, & then don't for a long time. I'm in an "off" phase right now.

Don't pour it down the drain! At least use it as fertilizer on your outdoor plants! :)

Jena Webber said...


Fertilizer? Hhmmm.. now that's a neat idea. I just planted the garden.

About the milk. Yes, I have used the raw milk occasionally, but I like the non-raw, organic milk better for this. We buy the raw for the same price as the organic in the store. (Yes, it's all clandestine business around here, but there are plenty of farmers..) So, I guess it's up to you. The raw produces an elastic texture, where the other has a consistent texture.

The Boojes said...

I'll have to try it with Greek yogurt sometime, though I do strain our regular stuff. We love it!

As for the whey, we have been using it in our green smoothies (just a half cup or so) in place of water and/or yogurt. It helps us use it up and makes our yogurt last longer. We also use the whey as the liquid when we make pancakes, etc. Gives them a bit of a sourdough taste, but it's yummy!

Two comments in one day...whatcha think of that??! =)

Christy said...

Looks wonderful... and easy! I was just thinking last week that I wanted to make my own yogurt, to control the sugar content especially. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Just thought I'd de-lurk to let you know your yogurt directions are the easiest to follow that I've run across and our yogurt is turning out great! It took a couple tries to get it right (not all brands of organic greek yogurt are created equal, apparently...), but we figured it out and I just made my first batch using my own yogurt as the culture :-)


mmohome said...

I'm enjoying get up (again). Where do the several weeks go these days?! This appears to be delish!! And simple too! Can't delay to try it!

Unknown said...

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