Saturday, June 26, 2010


I think I have officially found a way to make time stop.

Are you ready?

I just discovered this yesterday. I found a watch that I bought from a garage sale a few weeks ago and decided to try it on. I set the time for when I tried it on: 11: 25 a.m. I was going out for the day, and I knew that I might have time to get some batteries, so wearing it would make just as much sense than not wearing it, and it looked cool. I'm into that, you know.

I found myself looking for the time on the watch all day long. Instead, it kept registering:
11: 25.

Instead of being irritated about not knowing the time, I found myself chuckling over the concept of stopped time.

I took the girls (Joanna and Emily) for an outing yesterday. We met daddy at the Restoration Cafe, where our friend, Gary Scherwin was playing live music.

at 11:25.. check. I made a mental note to enjoy the moment.

Then I took the girls to Traci Grassmuck's shop "All Things" on Crosby St. so I could show them her cool place with second hand stores, handmade items from local Rockford women and her delicious sweets.

All of this happened at 11:25. Time was just creeping by, and we were having a great time.

The girls and I managed to get to a few garage sales before Hudson's cello concert. I'm not sure how 3:00 p.m. managed to get in the way of our stopped time kind of day, but it did. After we watched Hudson and his other Chamber Music Campers at Rockford College play drums West African drums, play a beautiful chamber piece with two Asian children who were no doubt his age but half his size, and the entire camp sing songs and hand out treats, it was still..

11: 25.

Emily and I hit a few garage sales while Joanna went home with the boys and Daddy went to get his hair cut. We managed to shop at Sam's club to pick up some treats to bring to the Brandon's house for this fabulous meal they planned so Jamie could meet their nephew, Wes, who is just one year older and just completed his first year in the ROTC program at the same college that Jamie is going to in the fall, Michigan Tech U.

All three of our cars descended on the Brandon's home within minutes of our invited time, which was posted at 6:00 p.m. but felt a lot like.. 11: 25.

As all 22 of us (3 families) enjoyed the MANY mutual things we had in common, we enjoyed the delicious grilled chicken, salad, homemade rolls, veggies and chips with an entire display of desserts, time just flew by. Not for me. I knew what time it was.

As I watched Jamie and Wes (the ROTC cadet) talk for hours about what would be Jamie's future next fall, both Will and I marveled at the Lord's provision. A Christian family--with a son at college, involved in Christian things at school AND doing well academically. What a blessing! How DO you launch your first child? With much fear and trepidation and with the Lord's help. And yet, this Mom was such an encouragement to me when she said of her son, "He has grown so much this year!"

And the kindness of the Brandon family--to bring these two families together! Thank you Lord! The minutes slipped away quickly, and soon Wes' family had to leave. Since we had three cars, Emily and I made our way home next, with the other two cars trailing over 2 hours later!

I tucked Emily and I into our "nests" while the others kept enjoying themselves. I do not know what time everyone got home, but I have a feeling it was after..... 11: 25.


Kathryn said...

Your posts just simply make me smile. You've such a lovely way of looking at events. It is a joy to come & "visit" with you. :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh I love that idea!

Good to see you posting again... had a feeling you've been sick.

missed ya,


Ruby said...

Oh, I am onto my sister in law now! Must get her a new watch battery.

Andrea said...

Charming! It's such a blessing that the Lord provided this other family for you to ask questions and get a glimpse of the possibilities.