Friday, June 24, 2011

open Parmesan cheese containers..

There are certain "indicators" that life is disorganized.  One of them is the parmesan cheese test, developed by a well known organizing psychologist, Dr. Ima Hedgehog.

So, it is very easy to administer this test and quantify the results.  You don't need to fill out little circles or stick your tongue out randomly to demanding professionals.  This test can be done in the convenience of your own home, at your leisure.

So, all you need to do is take everything out of your refrigerator.  Some (boring) people call this "cleaning the fridge".  This is a serious psychological evaluation.  Stop trying to discredit it!

So, after everything is out of the fridge, take a look around.  What do you see? Do you see a container of parmesan cheese?  good.  That means you are a normal American who likes an occasional spaghetti dinner with some parmesan. Give yourself an A.  You are organized.  Finishing cleaning the fridge and go to bed.  What is left in life to conquer?

Do you see more than one open container of parmesan cheese? Uh-oh.. things got a little messy this week.  Someone went ahead and started a new container before the first one was gone.  You get a B.  Now, if you had an assigned location for parmesan cheese, your family and guests wouldn't have gone foraging around for more.

Do you see three containers of parmesan cheese? Well, what have you been doing?  How long has it been since you cleaned the fridge? probably 3 weeks or more.  You are getting a C.

Do you see four containers of (open) parmesan? Do you have a secret life?   Opening a pizzeria? You clearly do not have a menu plan and eat the same thing every night.  Your kids probably live on pasta. D.

What about five open parmesan cheese containers? I'm not sure what to think. . They are still making this stuff.  Do you have a hoarding complex? See a professional. F

So, what has prompted me, Dr. Ima Hedgehog, to develop such a thorough psychological organizational evaluative tools?

Very simple.  The FIVE open containers of parmesan cheese that my daughter found while cleaning the refrigerator of one of her clients.  I can't divulge who her client is but I think she has a traveling addiction , five children, and loves to tell crazy stories.  She loves to write about organizing without a whole lot of thought about whether or not she is actually feeling organized at the moment.

This client suffers from delusion and lacks no amount of self adulation.  Nevertheless, she means well, so we did not charge her for the evaluation.  She has opted to go without therapy, claiming that blogging is her therapy.  whatever.  There's not a whole lot I can do for people like that. 


Herding Grasshoppers said...


I think you need some sort of permanent link to this post.

CLASSIC! This is Organizing Mommy at the top of her game ;D


The dB family said...

Bahaha! Five?!? Can you send one my way? I keep forgetting to buy it. I wonder what that says about me? Can you ask your psychologist?


Jena Webber said...

Yes! I thought it was sooooooo funny that I had to blog about it. The real truth is this. There were only two containers randomly floating in the fridge until this past weekend. Then, we had a big party for Joanna and bought 3 more. They all got opened and used and then stuffed back into the fridge. So, technically, I get a B. But it was a great excuse for my usual self-deprecating humor, which is always safe because you aren't making fun of anyone who is going to sue you.

Becky said...

Can the same evaluation process be applied to jars of applesauce? If so, I'm in trouble and I need to pull my grade up quickly.

Jena Webber said...

Becky--Oh yes, applesauce, salsa, mustard, pickles, sauerkraut--whatever your family eats.. :)

Mrs. Parunak said...

You are SOOOO funny. Have fun eating up your Parmesan.

Nitalinb said...

I don't need therapy, either. I'll just read Jena.