Monday, January 16, 2012

Shockingly effective

I would not consider myself to be the "camel knees" prayer warrior of the century.  In fact, God has been so gracious as to answer my paltry prayers that I should be one of the last people to actually comment about the effectiveness of prayer.  Nevertheless, here I am.

And here is something that even I doubted would ever really happen.

I have this friend (Janine) who is connected with this very zealous prayer group that literally (for years!) has been gathering at the local abortion clinic to pray and reach out to those coming and going from that facility.  And this clinic was unusual in their efforts to be anti-religious in its efforts.  They had the "creativity" to display signs and other offensive objects that left no one to doubt their animosity toward the prayer warriors.

Although I have thought it a worthy cause, I have never actually joined this group in their prayers or outreaches.  So, I can take no personal credit for this.  But I can actually say that a miracle has happened.

The abortion clinic has closed.  As of now, Rockford has no abortion clinic.  And the only reasonable explanation is the prayers of those zealous people outside the clinic.

And all I can think of is "Wow" and "Wow!"

And when I think about it, did I ever actually think it would happen?  No.  I assumed that God would reach the souls of these people inside and outside the clinic through those prayers.  But I didn't actually think it would close.  And it makes me realize anew the sovereignty of God.  When something the enemy has planned is wicked, and God wants to put an end to that wickedness, he can--whenever and wherever he chooses.  Why did we ever doubt?

And right now, the enemy is working overtime to put an innocent man in prison.  His trial is this week. If he is found guilty, he could be in prison for a long time.  But what if..  he isn't guilty?

There are certain crimes in our country for which a trumped up charge of guilt makes it impossible to appear innocent without divine intervention.  How do you prove one's innocence??  

You can't.  So, it takes a unique intervention from God,  And prayers.  I, for one, am going to be praying this week. And I am expecting God to hear my prayers.  I am expecting a miracle.  I believe that prayer is nothing short of shockingly effective.


Mindy said...

Oh dear, dear sister, thank you so much for sharing this prayer request! We so need your prayers and the prayers of your followers. Yes, we need divine intervention. Good thing our God is divine and His Son intercedes with sighs too deep for words. Waiting to see the Hand of the Lord unveil His mighty plan in the Innocent Man's life...

~ Tandis ~ said...

Hi Jena, We met on Sunday at the Kenosah gathering. Thank you for this encouraging blog. I had just gotten notification of the Rockford Abortion Clinic closing - PRAISE THE LORD!!!
So good to meet faithful women of God like you and Mindy. So thankful I can be praying along side you both for the innocent man. ~Tandis

Jenny P. said...

I'm so excited to hear about the closing of the clinic. What a miracle.

Ruby said...

Awesome (about the clinic) Also praying for Mindy and the Innocent Man. The judge of all the earth does right.

Kathi said...

I will pray too. Please let me know the outcome!