Thursday, January 12, 2012

Skinny jeans dissertation #1

"This style of jean doesn’t flatter everyone, and is really best worn by those who are thinner than average. The tapered leg can make even medium sized hips look fairly large, and larger hips may look very large with this style. Wearing pants that fit well is important to showcase your figure to its best advantage, and wider leg styles are often better suited to people with medium or large hips. Fortunately these styles remain popular and the skinny jean appears to come in and out of style, but isn’t worn by everyone even when it is fashionable." quoted directly from Wisegeek

So, let's review here.

1) The skinny jean look goes in and out of style.  As a former '80s gal, I have a hard time imagining skinny jeans in any other image than Bon Jovi gyrating around the stage with his full blonde mullet.  So, I can't say that this is a good memory.  For some of you, you may see the 80's as sort of an iconic time in history.  I tend to view it as a necessary evil, in respect to guy's fashions.  As far as girl's fashions go, I was a willowy 110 pounds (same height as I am today) and could and did wear everything.  So, I suspect that the tapered leg thing was my favorite thing also.

2) The body type determines whether one looks good or bad in a pair of skinny jeans.  For those who look good, I wonder if they don't look a little too good.  And for those who do not look good...  why not be comfortable?

3)Too tight!  Even if I could find a pair that fit and happened to look decent, my only fear is that someone would be drawn to look at my hind quarters which aren't as bad as they could be for my age.  I suspect those intelligent young men (yesterday) that were throwing me cat calls out of their window as I was crossing the street know a good woman even without the advantage of the skinny jeans silhouette.  But I digress... (The young people are very dumb these days, but that is for a different rant on a different day..)

4) uncomfortable! My overdeveloped leg muscles are screaming at me.  Skinny means just that--skinny!  Not muscular.  Not fat.  just skinny.  And we're not even talking about my mommy tummy.

5) And why is skinny such a good thing anyway?  When I was skinny, I wasn't doing anything extreme to be that way.  Now that I'm a little chunkier, I find that I prefer it. I call myself a "preferable wife for the pioneer days"--I won't be blown away by the first flu epidemic.  But there is a balance.  While skinnier isn't always better--neither is heavier.  The trend is toward skinnier because most Americans are so well fed.

6) which is precisely why.. skinny jeans are just not an option for me or my peers, except for a few of my skinny friends who happen to look good in them--the twigs, the branches and quaking aspens..  For those girls, please have a pair in every color and length. For the rest of us, I'm not necessarily advocating an entire wardrobe of muu-muu dresses, but....   think twice.  just sayin.


Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

love! I am not a fan of skinny jeans. I personally prefer gaps long and lean-which hit my mommy belly jut right, and are long enough so that I am not showing off my ankles. They are comfortable, and look good on me.

Becky said...

Okay, I'm with you as to the skinny jeans, but could we also plead to get rid of the hip huggers? Please?!? I thought surely they'd have gone out of style by now. Everything goes out eventually (apparently excetp for hip huggers).
I'm so tired of seeing people constantly pulling their jeans up, or having to turn quickly in order not to see more than I need to. And do I need to add that since we aren't the thinnest country on the planet, hip higgers are not the best option for us. Hey - not picking on anyone here, I haven't been thin since I was 15, but please, let's quit showing off the rolls.

Ruby said...

Skinny jeans, hip huggers??? These were never in my wardrobe. Some of my kids like some of these, reintroduced, styes.
I really, really dislike the undergarments way up above the waist line on skinnies (boys!)
But, I saw a much worse sight in a cafe last week. Short flowy dress with a g-string. Now that was offensive!

Kristi said...

Skinny jeans don't belong in any Christian's wardrobe, IMHO. We are supposed to be reflecting the image of our Lord and Savior, not our behinds!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I think the popularity of skinny jeans reflects our culture's obsession with thinness.

We seem to forget that there is a difference between being skinny and being healthy.

Interestingly, I don't see anything in the Bible about the "sin" of being fat. Gluttony and laziness, yes. I'll fight those until I die ;D

Jena Webber said...

Good point! I never thought about it that way--there is nothing in the Bible that says it's a sin to be fat. We have made it to be a sin in our culture. In a different era, it would have been a sin to be skinny! LOL. I just want to be healthy! And promote others to be the same!

Ruby said...

There are a couple of instances where being fat didn't help. Eli, I think was large, and toppled backwards and Ehud slew the king (?) who was so obese his dagger went right in without being noticed. Gotta be a principle there! Actually, in a agrarian lifestyle and without fast food
it was probably not easy to be fat.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You're right, Ruby! And Jena - I don't think you're obsessed with thinness. You have a good focus on health. :o)

And being fat isn't exactly good stewardship, yah?

I'm just thinking that our culture is going TOOOOO FAR!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Sigh. Yes, skinny jeans. And hip huggers. More proof that we'll wear stuff that makes us look awful for the sake of proving that we are with it enough to know what's cool.