Friday, April 27, 2012

wanna borrow a fridge?

I'm interrupting my melodrama for a funny.

I get a call on the phone from a friend wanting to borrow the "Beluga".  Interpretation: The Beluga is the name we give our big, white 15 passenger van that doubles as a pickup when necessary.

"Sure you can borrow the Beluga.  What's going on?"

"My fridge died.  I have to buy a new one," our friend lamented.

"So.. like.. are you just going to go out and buy one?  How much do they cost?"

"I would guess they cost about $600.00 or so...?" (actually, he would be fortunate to find one under $800, but I digress...)

"Ooooh.. that sounds expensive.  You know our fridge?  The brown one in the kitchen?  Well, it was $35.00, and it was from a garage sale a few years ago.  It still runs, and it was a good investment.  Would you like to have our basement refrigerator ? I can always find another fridge during the garage sale season this summer.."

(We have an extra fridge in the basement for thawing turkeys, cooling water bottles and hiding birthday cakes..)

So, yes, he would like the basement fridge.  He and two other friends came over and picked up the fridge while I dashed out the door to buy subs for my kids and attend the play..  (never a dull moment here..)

So, I delivered the subs to the church where the play was being performed.

All in costumes, makeup and in character, the three (Joanna, Hudson, and Nathanael) munched down their subs as we discussed the fridge drama.

"So.. what is going on with the Beluga? and why does (our friend) need it again?"

"His fridge died.  He was going to buy another one, but I said, "take ours".  I just know the Lord can provide another fridge for us, when it is his timing.."

So the lawyer gives me a stern look and says, "Mom.  We still use that fridge, you know..  "

"Yes, we do.  But it is not essential to our existence.  The extra potatoes, chilled Izze, and old birthday cake may need to find somewhere else to live, but we will not die without a basement fridge.
The Lord has provided refrigerators in the past for us; I'm sure he can do it again.  It's not a big deal..."

And then bundt-cake making, generous child chimed in with this:

"Let him that hath two fridges give to him who hath none.."  

That's right.

 Let us open our arms to the needy and share our extra bread and refrigerators and Belugas when they need it.  But not the bundt pan.  We only got one of 'dem.

--just sayin'


Bernadette said...

I wish you had a "like" tab. This post made me smile.=)

Cassie said...

Cute story. Makes me want to be better. Thanks for sharing. You are wonderful.

Ruby said...

I agree with Bernadette. Our blogs definitely need the "like" button. :-)

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So great!

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Cute story. Makes me wish to be better. Thanks for sharing. You are wonderful.