Monday, July 16, 2018

Summer Survival

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I am NOT a summer girl.  Basically, summer is the "brace yourselves.. summer is here" type of season for me.  The heat, humidity, and the pressure to be having fun makes me nervous.

Not that I'm opposed to having fun.  I just generally start to feel like I'm having fun when I get in the car to go home so the air conditioning can blast my sweaty hair back from my cute pudgy little face.

But I admire it. them. the summer people.  You know, the superheroes.  The ones that take their entire family hiking on a hot day to Devil's Lake and aren't puking at the end of it. (this may or may not have happened to me a few years ago when one of our sons was dating the daughter of a superhero family) But I digress..

So, how do we survive? Well, it's called the 90 minute blitz.

Wait. What? You just said you were hot, tired and not a superhero, so why increase it to 90 minutes?

Stay with me, my hot-flash girls.. this is exactly what I did every day last week.  It really worked.  I did absolutely everything for the day in 90 minutes right after coffee in the MORNING.  Took a shower after the blitz and vegged out for the rest of the day, unless I had to work.  And I work in air conditioning and not for very long, so all is good.

You can easily pare down your life to 90 minutes worth of work every day, unless you have little critters to watch over.  But you get the point-- taking care of the house does not HAVE to be an all day adventure.

In 90 minutes, I could fold one load of laundry and put it away.  ( I usually can throw a load of towels and run the dryer throughout the day, which doesn't count for the 90 minutes)  I make my bed and wipe down the bathroom.  I go to the kitchen and load/ reload/ hand wash whatever and set something in the crockpot for dinner or plan to stop at the store and get something on the way home from work.  Pick up and tidy the living room, and then that's it.  Every other day--sweep/ mop as needed.

One day a week, I force myself to do more stuff because eventually you have to clean the fridge and do more laundry or organize something.  But when the weather is this hot, I save the hard stuff for later.  Unfortunately for me, my day to do more stuff is Monday, which is today.  But the rest of the week? I will be vegging by noon--  probably hanging out at my neighbor's pool with an iced latte.

I'll work a few hours also, but that's just fun for me.  Yes, I consider my work "fun".  So, that, my friends, is a non-summer girl's version on how to survive summer.  

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